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VIP Branding ~ Ready, Set, Zoom! Your Image with Online Coaching!

VIP Branding ~ Ready, Set, Zoom! Your Image with Online Coaching!

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Ready, Set, Zoom!

VIP Brand Image Online Coaching! 

How to look and feel confident, prepped and powerful, in your online meetings and your Instagram and Face Book LIVE sessions.

In this new paradigm of working at home, many of us are using video conference meeting platforms like ZOOM, Blue Jean, Face Time, Skype to do business. This is real and it's a thing that looks as if it is not only here to stay, it looks like this will be the preferred way to do business for the future. 

People are watching us - looking into our homes - seeing how we live, how we dress, or don't dress, and they are both consciously, and subconsciously taking notes. 

What is the message you are sending? What do you want them to know about your private living spaces. Are you showing up ready and confidant - or are they catching you "off guard?” Lorelei's coaching method includes the 5-P’s! All of these things need to be addressed. 

Posture ~ Poise ~ Positive Inner Dialogue ~ Presence ~Personality

With a Master's degree in Spiritual Psychology and her lifelong experience in fashion as a model, actress, spokeswoman and image expert, Lorelei Shellist will help you set the stage, prep the lights, ready yourself from the inside out with fashion and beauty tips to up your game with grace and ease.

When you project an image of confidence, you are more likely to succeed in both business and social relationships, being poised and prepped will help you and those you work with gain trust.

One Hour Coaching sessions with Lorelei will be a small investment with big returns.

“If you don’t invest in yourself, no one else will invest in you!” 

Ruth Klein


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