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LIVE Electro FREE & Protect yourselves from 5-G Electromagnetic Pollution. The Metal in your new MIRACLE BAND is comprised of brass, copper, silver and gold. It's polarized and is charged to the same electrical energy frequency as a clear, strong, body. When the charged metal contacts your body, your atoms mimic the electrical frequency of the metal - all resonating at the same frequency at the same charge. Every atom of your body has a self contained electrical charge. When we are surrounded by electrical gadgets, blue-tooth devices, phones, tablet, lap tops, computers, texts, radars, emissions from high voltage power lines and even household appliances! operating on 5-G levels - as we age, our own electrical charge begins to diminish. This causes your cells to break down unable to function at full capacity. Lowering our immune systems. Miracle Band is easy to use. Improves your balance & strength the moment you put it on. For relief wear your band for 30 days. After first 30 days you may adjust how long you wear it based on your results. It is fashionable so you can wear it like a bracelet. 

Directions: choose your miracle band from our favorite designs. Wear it 24/7. You can bathe, shower, swim while wearing it. The disk will not be altered by getting wet. 

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