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PHOTO OPP! Professional Image & Styling for Photography by Lorelei Shellist

PHOTO OPP! Professional Image & Styling for Photography by Lorelei Shellist

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"Every picture tells a story.” Rod Stewart

Photo sessions require a lot of preparations. Inner and outer. The process of a styling job will start weeks, if not months, before a photo shoot takes place, and for a successful shoot to happen, the stylist must take responsibility for a large portion of the preparation, both logistically and creatively. Lorelei Shellist is masterful at covering all the details gracefully to make sure your photo shoot is impeccable.

To be seen in your best light.

Personal Fashion Styling for photo shoots on set includes coordinating a creative team:

*Professional photographer, assist, collaborate and make photographer's job easy.

*Hair & Make Up Artist -

*Wardrobe visioning, shopping, and on set styling

*Crafty Food & Beverage Services

*Subtle model pro tips if needed, to get your best image captured on film. 

Lorelei's Image discovery session can be tailored and utilized to promote your unique brand’s message.

Get the best pictures ever and show the world who you are!

"You'll never get another chance to make a first impression!" Will Rogers



"As a photographer I have worked with many stylists over the years. It has been my experience that a good stylist is hard to find, a good one who gets it. Meaning they make it about who they are working with, who their client is. Lorelei is one of those amazing ladies who knows this and gets it! I have worked with her many times on various photo shoots and I never had to question or second guess her, I trusted her. Our collaborations have always been seamless. Put it this way, she cares. Her sense of style is always right on and she makes her choices based upon the personality of each artist. Lorelei is my go to stylist in Los Angeles!"

Jeff Fasano Celebrity Photographer

A fashion stylist job is to be responsible for a number of tasks:

First task is to find clothing and accessories and dress the talent's in flattering outfits during the photo shoot. This is one of the simplest and most technical fashion stylist jobs.

However, If the stylist’s role was limited to this, any shooting for Elle or Vogue would be very easy to make – just take beautiful clothes from famous designers, put them on a beautiful slim model, and a fashion shoot is ready. The photographer, make-up or even a model herself could bring clothes, come up with outfit ideas and put them on the model. Yet, it’s not that simple after all. Why? Because many of us have a limited vision of ourselves and tend to get locked into an image or style that is not true to who we are as unique individuals. We compare ourselves to others and think we can pull off a look that belongs to someone else, or we shy away from the camera and sabotage ourselves. This is counter-productive because it is not authentic and it keeps us small.

How do you want the world to see you? 

As a runway icon with a lifetime of runaway wardrobe styling experience, Lorelei brings more than you can image to your photo shoot. 

What is your vision?

We all have our own way of seeing ourselves - especially in pictures. Most of us are extremely critical of ourselves and how we look. So, when it comes to promoting ourselves in our professions it is extremely important to show up as confident and empowered as we possibly can. If you want to be taken seriously, then it is imperative to take your self seriously too.  After all, we want others to see us in our best light, right? If you are the client, as a spiritual psychologist, Lorelei is masterful at helping you bring out the best YOU possible. If you are the photographer, Lorelei is your right hand and second set of eyes. Nothing gets by her attention to every detail.  As a former print and runway model, she knows first hand on how to “show up” in the true sense of the words. Let Lorelei dress you for success and coach you (or your clients) “on set” if necessary, to create a comfortable, empowered, confident, sacred and beautiful space so your vision is fulfilled and your brand is captured in the moment.


* For full days and multiple talent on set ask for day and group rates.

*Indie photo shoot price starts at $650 

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