Meet your Fashion Icon Archetypes, clear your closet and step into your dreams in a One on One with Lorelei Shellist!

Meet your Fashion Icon Archetypes, clear your closet and step into you



Do you know that everyone possesses their own style? Some of people are connected to it, aware of it, and exude it. While others pay no attention to it ~ or ~ avoid it at all costs. Why is that? Well, they never took the time to pay attention to themselves. Their childlike essence and inner creator has been squelched for one reason or another. Maybe someone criticized them, put them down, bullied them – or – maybe they just do that to themselves.

Discover the beautiful, mystical and magical Fashion Icon Archetypes™ in you!

Discovering YOUR individual Fashion Icon Archetypes™ will help inform you on shopping, dressing and dis-carding unnecessary items from your wardrobe.

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As an Image & Style expert, spiritual Life Coach, Designer, and friend, Lorelei will be honored to assist you as you dress for your dreams!!!

Do you have Skeletons in your closet that need to be cleaned out?

As life goes on we begin to collect things that may have served us at one time. 

We are so grateful for those memories that we become attached to them forever!

We cannot let them go and so they take up space in our closets.

After awhile their shelf life expires. They don’t serve us, they block us from having more of what we want :-(

They become like skeletons in our closets. 

Lorelei can help you clean out the cobwebs and breathe new life into your wardrobe!

Working together with Lorelei, “one on one” to understand how your unconscious mind sabotages you from looking and feeling your best. Learn how to present yourself with confidence, authenticity, style, and grace and Dress up for your Dreams! 

How do you feel when you walk out of your door each day? Are you dressed for success? Dressed to impress? Or dressed like a mess?
Have you ever felt unsure of your own personal style or followed media trends just because that’s what “they” say is in style?

        “Fashion can be bought. Style one must possess.”   -Edna Woolman Chase

Dress up for your Dreams! One on One Personal Style and Image Consulting with Lorelei

Discover the Fashion Icon inherent in YOU! 

This coaching session may be done in one Saturday, or Sunday, in 8 hours. Including lunch break. 

Or, 2 half days at 4 hours each.

  •    Discovery Session identifies who you are- what you need- and what you are holding onto through Fashion Icon Archetype Quiz & Angel Card Readings.  Once we identify your dominant archetypes we can then clear anything that doesn't serve you starting with your closet. We decide what you need more of. Update your self-image, your look and your dreams.
  • Closet Assessment. Clear! Sort! Identify! Envision!
  • Create power “LOOKS”
  • Identify missing wardrobe anchors
  • Re-envision how to wear your favorite things so they work for you!
  •  Document, Photograph, Organize·      
  • Magic Make-over Shopping Spree
  • Book of 12 Fashion Photo “LOOKS" to help you dress in a flash.


Fashion Icon Archetypes™ Personality Quiz, by Premier Image Consultant, Lorelei Shellist.


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