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Find Your OWN Fashion Icon Personality Archetypes™ Consulting & Coaching

Find Your OWN Fashion Icon Personality Archetypes™ Consulting & Coaching

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Do you ever question your individual style? Do you feel confident in the clothes you buy and what you wear? Do you ever go into your closet and wonder why you spent money on something that you never wear? Do you follow other peoples advice on what looks good on you only to find out that what they told you doesn't really feel like you? Do you criticize yourself habitually? It is Lorelei's intention to fully assist you in turning down the volume on all those negative voices.

In a one hour, private coaching call with Lorelei you will begin to learn how to live in alignment with your Fashion Icon Personality Archetypes.™  and stay true to the beauty inherent within you. Discover the beautiful, mystical and magical Fashion Icon Archetypes™ inherent within you! These are the personalities you possess that tell you how to dress!

FaceTime, ZOOM, or Skype - your call.

Lorelei's method will help you understand your-Self, your style, your comforts and give you confidence in the choices you make about how you want to show up in the world.

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Fashion Icon Archetypes are alive within each of us. Everyone talks about “beauty from the inside out,” but no one actually tells you how to access that quality. We all have it, some of us have deflected it for so long that it may lie dormant beneath our consciousness. If you are interested in re-connecting with your inner beauty, or want to discover the stylist within you, The Fashion Icon Archetype Quiz and Angel cards will inspire you to feel your inner beauty, live into it, breath it in and let it out by expressing the true beauty that you are. Take a peek at the many services Lorelei offers and let’s bring your style to life!

Lorelei who holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology has downloaded these inner beauty secrets during her studies and meditations at the University of Santa Monica School of Spiritual Psychology. With an accent on Consciousness, Health and Healing, Lorelei's education, wisdom and understanding of our souls connection and  the physical world reality (bodies) we live in. 

Lorelei's Fashion Icon Archetypes™ Quiz will help you to discover the deeper meanings and hidden aspects of who you are and introduce you to your "inner stylist." 

As you total your quiz you will be able to identify the three dominant personalities that run your wardrobe so you can study up and follow their lead. The information written in Lorelei’s Fashion Icon Archetypes™ cards will clarify the meanings and characteristics of those specific archetypes, thus helping you to integrate them into your wardrobe, and into your lifestyle.

These aspects will become your friends, and allies as they teach you to accept yourself through their mystical wisdom and abstract meanings. Acknowledging and understanding the light & shadow sides, as well as your life purpose, spiritual contracts, desires and fears, within these archetype personalities, enables you to make clear and conscious choices in so many parts of your life. It will give you clear guidelines to follow when you shop and when you dress, taking the guesswork and error out of your decision-making!



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