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Skin on Skin is a mini-doc about the dreams that lie just beneath our skin. Based on best seller, “Runway Runaway, A Backstage Pass to Fashion, Romance & Rock ‘n Roll,” the true story of a courageous runaway teenage girl with the tenacity to follow her dreams against all odds and becomes an international model and inspirational entrepreneur, a fashion designer, whose life experiences encourage others to follow their dreams.

“When we give ourselves permission to follow our dreams, our genius takes over and no one can stop us.”

Dreams are for everyone our all inclusive cast and crew is diverse, multilingual, all shapes and sizes, and includes talent from the deaf community too. With the help of your good wishes and support, Skin on Skin has been nominated for four awards at the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival Best Doc – Best Narration-Best-Music-Best Editing.

Don’t let your dreams runaway from you!

Models Talk


Interview On this episode of MODELS Talk, Lorelei Shellist joins Candace to discuss her tenured modeling career. Lorelei began modeling during the age of Christie Brinkley, so she was considered “exotic” and had to work hard to fit into the modeling stereotype that America wanted at that time. In fact, we think Lorelei is like a phoenix, always rising from the ashes to re-create herself as something new, constantly adapting with the times and changes of the industry. Watch as Lorelei explains why she had to work harder than most to make it in the world of modeling.

Lorelei Interviews Supermodel Kim Alexis on the Red Carpet at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival 2018

Lorelei interviews Actress, Author, Carole Wells on The RC at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival