Introducing The Dream Dress®

  • Amethyst with snakeskin accents.
  • Black with zebra accents.
  • Chocolate with leopard accents.

The Dream Dress® is suitably feminine, fashionable, and forgiving on every shape and size. Dress it up with jewelry and stilettos for a night on the town – dress it down with ballet flats while dressing for the office, less is more.

Appropriate dressing for any occasion, it is the “must have” dress that will take a woman wherever she needs to go in comfort, class and style.

The Dream Dress® is designed to be worn 12 different ways so when a woman travels on business or a weekend get-away – she will have multiple “looks” with one simple dress. Wear the sash in your hair to add six more fashionable looks.

The Dream Dress® is a “slip up the hip” dress that won’t fuss or muss up a woman’s hair and makeup while getting dressed – or undressed.


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