Lorelei Shellist, Keynote Speaker

Lorelei lit up the room

"Lorelei lit up the room as she made a grand royal-like entrance to speak to Virginia Marti College Fashion Design students. Her animated presentation was a true delight and extremely motivational. She was so open about her life experiences and her fascinating stories about working with the industry’s most prominent designers. We hung on to every word as she meticulously described every detail of how Yves Saint Laurent had draped fabric on her with a trembling hand, transforming this fashion icon into a real and vulnerable person. She let everyone in the room know and believe that all dreams are attainable. Lorelei’s talk was dynamic and she connected with everyone there; it was as if she was speaking directly to you. She is an energetic phenomenal speaker who can truly be comfortable in any surrounding with her pure sparkling aura! A very refreshing, moving and spiritual presentation enjoyed by all who attended.”

Judy Boryczka, Fashion Design Department Director, Cleveland, Ohio

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