The Curvy Woman’s Guide: Tips To Rock Animal Prints This Valentine’s Day

Looking for outfit inspiration to dazzle your beau on the day of love? We recommend daring, powerful animal prints! Such prints look alluring and make one look like a curvy goddess, provided that you choose ones that complement your figure. And of course, you gotta accessorize right! 

In this blog, we will cover the main aspects of how plus-sized women can put together plus-size animal print dresses and ensembles that will make them look stunning on this Valentine’s day: 

Wear a cheetah-print wrap dress
We love cheetah print outfits because they exude so much confidence and make women look powerful. If you are partial to animals and want to feel the feline in you, introduce animal prints to your wardrobe. A cheetah print wrap dress is flattering while accentuating your lovely curves. In addition, you get to choose how deep you want your neckline to be!The best part? It feels comfortable through candlelit dinners and romantic getaways too. Easy to pack and wear multiple ways.

Get those heels out
Now is the time to show off your legs! Given the edgy appearance of animal print dresses and skirts, pencil heels go dress them up with the attitude that says, “I’m worth it!” In addition to adding a few inches to your height, high heels gives you the classic “femme fatale” look that will make your partner’s jaw drop. Of course, if you would like to dress for the weather, you can always wear it with high heel boots.

Highlight your assets
Love your legs? Turn attention to them with leopard-print short skirts. Can’t get over your oh-so-pretty curves? You will look stunning in a tiger-print dress that’s gathered together with a belt. If you are comfortable showing off your shoulders, you can always wear zebra-print cold-shoulder tops with your favorite denim jeans for a casual look. Have it? Flaunt it!
However, do remember not to go overboard when working with prints. One animal-print piece in your entire ensemble is enough to make you look like you have just walked down the runway. Minimalism is underrated.

Wear hoop earrings or long necklaces
Rings, earrings, and necklaces complete your outfits and give them a personality of their own. Moreover, they don’t take up too much space in your wardrobe. All the more reason for you to invest in timeless pieces.
When you go for leopard, cheetah, or tiger-print dresses or skirts, we recommend that you accessorize with long chains to create the impression of a longer neck. The same illusion can be attained with the help of dangle or hoop earrings. These pair fabulously with bold ensembles.

Choose layers
The sky is the limit when it comes to experimenting with animal prints. If you have second thoughts about pulling off plus-size animal print dresses and edgy tops, then you can always try out subtler outerwear options such as coats and cardigans over neutral dresses and black ensembles. You really can’t go wrong with these high-fashion attire options.

Want to embrace the most confident and sensual side of you? Try on an animal print dress this Valentine’s Day? We present to you the Dream Dress, designed and conceptualized by fashion designer, image consultant, and model, Lorelei Shellist! Romantic getaway, Galentine’s, or a dreamy dinner date, this dress will have your back this February 14th! 

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