Dress To Impress: 3 Reasons It Is Important To Dress Well

Dress To Impress: 3 Reasons It Is Important To Dress Well


“Dress for the job you want, not for the one you have.”

Well, haven’t we all heard that at some point in our lives, shrugged it off as another superfluous advice? You may be someone who thinks that style is superficial, clothes don’t define you or that person should respect you for what you are and not for the type of suit you were. While these concerns aren’t entirely false, there is a good reason – a few good reasons, actually – why it is important for us to dress well and look presentable, especially when we interact with other people. Good clothes don’t just make us look good, but do a whole lot more.

First impressions are important.

We live in a world that is largely judgmental. People are quick to arrive at assumptions based on our appearance. As wrong as it may sound, it is an inherent quality possessed by all of us, mostly due to how we have been socially conditioned. This is why your clothes and your visual aesthetic is so crucial in deciding what others think of you.

It draws positive attention.

If you are familiar with the term peacocking, then you will know that in order to visually stand out, you must be impeccably dressed. An elegantly dressed person is always a class of their own even in a sea of people, attracting and feeding everyone else’s attentive gazes.

It boosts self-confidence.

Have you ever looked yourself differently when you have dressed in a gorgeous gown or a suave tailored shirt? Do you know why this happens? When we look good, we feel good, and that instantly boosts our self-confidence. I would also say that “when we feel good we look good,” so it works both ways.  Beauty from the inside out and vice verse. Your perception of yourself greatly affects how others look at you.

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