Skin Deep #3 Plastic Surgery Do's & Don'ts!

Skin Deep #3 Plastic Surgery Do's & Don'ts!

Leppard Beret Brigade unite once more! Here's a clip from our recent SKIN DEEP Zoom meet-up - all about Plastic Surgery with our special guest, Expert Valerie (Mazzonelli) -NYC born Valerie is former Ford and Elite Model who lived and traveled with me all over the world back in our hey day... "The Fashionable 80"s!" Today Valerie lives in NYC with her husband, DR. Robert Tornambe who is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with Madison Plastic Surgery on Park Avenue. Valerie assist's Dr. Bob in the office, caring for patients before and after their procedures and has also had her own experience under his scalpel! Watch and listen to our Q & A and maybe get answers to some of your own questions about plastic surgery. For more information you can reach out to Valerie and/or Dr. Bob at  815 Park Ave., New York NY 10021 (212) 628-7200 -

Follow Valerie on Instagram under Valerie Tornambe and their dog Gladys Kravitz, an English Mastiff who will never have a facelift! Join us on our next SKIN DEEP #4- for some one on one with yours truly. One on One - late's talk make-up!

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