How to Store your Seasonal Wardrobe on a Budget!

How to Store your Seasonal Wardrobe on a Budget!

Seasons come and go and what we wear goes with them. Want to keep your closet clutter free? Swap out your spring, summer and winter clothes and store them in another closet, garage, or to the back of your main closet.

Swapping out your wardrobe gives a fresh feel to your old clothes. It's like reuniting with old friends! Or, like shopping in your own closet. I like seeing my favorite things reappear each year. I have things in my closet I have saved and worn for 30 years. And I don't mind saying that. I am proud of the way I take care of my clothing and respect the things spent good money on. 

Over the years as a fashion and wardrobe stylist I have spent money on wardrobe bags made of cotton, plastic and you name it. What I have learned is eventually they get dirty, wear out, rip and need to be replaced sooner or later. So why pay top dollar when there are budget friendly ways to store your clothes.?

Two of my go to storage bags come from Ikea and Home Depot. 

I like the Ikea Pluring versions for traveling and storing special items of wool or cashmere in my closet. These garment bags come in a set of three and cost only a few bucks! They are neat, clean, simple, and they can hold at least three garments at once. 

I store my seasonal wardrobe in my garage, so I need durable, waterproof, bags that can hold multiple hangers at a time. I make them myself. The Home Depot extra large, clear, 55 gallon, trash bags are great for storing lots of clothes. Under twenty bucks for 50 of them! It only takes a minute to snip the tops off and create a triangle space to pull your hangers up though. Then you tie the bottoms to keep out dust and bugs. That's it!

Take care of your clothes and your clothes will take care of you!


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