How to organize that runAway wardrobe of yours!

How to organize that runAway wardrobe of yours!

Dear Beauties, 

Looks as though we are pretty much hunkered down inside our homes, clearing, cleaning, dis-infecting and organizing while we have this rare gift of time to ourselves. 

Many of us are challenged now in accepting and co-operating with the new rules with the hands we've been dealt. I’ve made a conscious choice to be as positive as I can, trying to find the blessings in this life changing experience. 

As an Image Coaching consultant, I've asked my-Self how I can be of service to others? People are struggling financially and fashion feels frivolous at times like these. The last thing I want to do is to push products on anyone. But I do know that when we feel good - we look good! My intention is to help us all feel a bit better, so I came up with some ideas and free gifts for you.

If you are open, here are a few ways to help you discover and feel the true beauty inside of you. I'll show you ways you can pay it forward to others who may need some of what you've got too! Self nurturing is key now. Put your own oxygen mask on first, so you may assist others.

Here goes…

It's a good time to clear and purge unwanted energy, both mental and physical. Now that you have a little more "me time," you might enjoy organizing that runaway wardrobe of yours! 

Step 1 😇

Click here to take my FASHION ICON ARCHETYPES™ QUIZ free!

This quiz will inform you of your three most dominant style personalities.
Think of them as your sun, moon and rising signs in astrology.

Step 2 😎After you've identified your three dominant Fashion Icon Archetypes™, you’ll be curious about who these newly discovered personalities are, and what they're here to teach you about you! 

I am offering you the Fashion Icon Archetype™ Angel Cards  at 50% off. enter gift code: INNERSTYLE50% to learn more about you!

Once you get know your inner stylist, you'll be more confident in your purchases, the things you keep in your closet, and and how you want to show up in the world!  

Step 3 💪 Find the PHILANTHROPY page at top of website click drop-down menu for info. 

After you clean and clear your closets from this new "point of view," here are suggestions on what to do with your "hand-me ups"and receive tax credits too!

  1. WORKING WARDROBES my favorite! They help VETS find jobs through re-entry programs teaching job interview skills and outfitting them with entire wardrobes! 
  2. SAN DIEGO MESA COLLEGE students need funds to continue their educations. Donating to the Fashion and Music Scholarship funds helps them out. 

These are just a few ways to help yourself and help others become the runway icon in your own life!


Blessings of Beauty and Gratitude,


Lorelei Shellist 

Designer of The Dream Dress®

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