DIY Waxing at Home with Image Consultant Lorelei

DIY Waxing at Home with Image Consultant Lorelei

Hello my Beauties,

During this #stayhome period of our lives it's impossible to keep our beauty regimes on schedule with the professionals who help us groom and beautify our lovely selves. Since am an image and style consultant in Los Angeles, I figured perhaps I could help and inspire others, like you, on ways to help yourselves feel and look beautiful in the comfort of your own home.

Recently I invested in this GIGI MINI PRO KIT that I bought online through Sally's Beauty Shop. It's a starter kit for waxing your unwanted hair at home. It only cost $55.00 and even if I use it three times I know it will pay for itself. I spend at least one hundred bucks when I go to my esthetician to remove unwanted hair! Sometime's more, sometime's less, but it is a monthly self care practice that I call my self help and wellness beauty day, and so it does become costly over time. 

While I am not a professional at waxing, and no where near perfect in any way, I am a professional in the fashion and beauty business. I thrive in image coaching because I care about you. So, it's up to me to do the work, to beautify and maintain my body myself. As a model we had to so much of the work ourselves. We didn’t always have hair and make-up people at the ready so I learned a lot through practice and experience.

I find the more attention I pay to myself, whether it is through going into the silence through prayer and meditation to connect with my inner being, or paying attention to my physical body through exercise, drinking lots of alkaline water, taking my vitamins and keeping up with my beauty appointments... I know that my inner child appreciates being taken care of, in fact, she is thrilled.

When I show up for my SELF - or what we call at the University of Santa Monica School of Spiritual Psychology “the Big S - Self” …well, then that Big “S” Self, (Spirit, Higher Power, Source,) whatever you want to call it, shows up for me! This works for all of us. A little self love goes a very long way because when we do these practices we feel better about ourselves. And, when we feel better about ourselves we go out into our worlds happier, friendlier, and more loving with the folks around us.

These are just some of the ways we can tap into the concept of self-love.  While waxing will not change the world, it will change your world, if removing unwanted hair is something you want to do.

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I hope this video helps and makes you laugh a little too. Just be careful to start slowly, the wax is hot and sticky...yep, it's a hot mess! But well worth it if you think you are worth it. I think you are! 

Stay Beautiful, 

Lorelei Shellist

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