Carry-On Tips: How to Travel Light and Pack Smart

Carry-On Tips: How to Travel Light and Pack Smart

Save precious travel time when you skip the baggage claim blues…waiting for suitcases that may not arrive! 

Traveling light is challenging, especially when you need to bring along formal wear. Don't get stuck lugging a garment bag around the airport, follow these simple tips to pack your formal cocktail dress or suit in a carry-on suitcase without running the risk of ruining it.

After having traveled extensively following the Runway Collections around the major cities of the world and spending 2 years "on the road" back in the 80's on the Hysteria Tour, I learned how to live out of a suitcase by necessity! I never knew when I would need a fancy dress and of course traveling on trains, tour buses and planes meant I needed comfy clothes to live in. Hair, make-up, jewelry, shoes, were my tools of the trade so I couldn't leave them behind. Here are a few of my own "model-tips" on how I saved space and time.

1) Hang your formal outfit and cover in a plastic dry-cleaning bag.

2) Lay flat folding the outfit gently, paying attention to its natural shape.

3) Shoes go in first so they anchor the weight at the bottom by the wheels. Stuff your shoes with socks, undies, toothbrush, hairbrush or curling irons, to save space.

4.) Add your casual items, rolling any t-shirts, nighties or PJ's to save space. Tuck in your toiletries, jewelry bags, electronic plugs, etc. like puzzle pieces.

5.) Last, lay your folded formal outfit on top of your other belongings. Take care not to flatten too much. Your hanger should fit across the top of the case. 

6.) When you arrive remove your outfit from your suitcase and hang it up asap, leaving time for any creases to fall out.

Packing light means packing smart. Always good to have clothing that can be worn multiple ways. Scarves pack nicely and can change up a look very simply. 

The dream Dress Chiffon Sash can be worm multiple ways!

Don't forget...The Dream Dress can be worn multiple ways too! When you tie the chiffon belt differently each time you wear the dress or, pull out the chiffon belt and wear it as a scarf, necktie, or hair accessory you create a new look. 


Happy Trails!


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