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The Dream Dress®

Do you ever go to your closet and think “I have nothing to wear!” Or, pick up your favorite dress at the dry cleaners and pay more to clean it than the dress cost!

Imagine…your Signature item… The Dream Dress®

ONE DRESS that you can wear multiple ways. It’s machine washable, lightweight so it’s easy to pack, wrinkle-free, feminine, comfortable and appropriate for every occasion. Plus, you can wear it multiple ways so when you travel you need not pay those excess baggage fees! Solve all those challenging dressing decisions with ONE DRESS!

The Dream Dress® comes in many magnificent colors in jersey solids with beautiful chiffon print accents in sizes: S – M – L – XL – 2X – 3X.

It is knee length.

The Dream Dress® solves the problem of what to wear anywhere.

The Signature Dream Dress® photographed here, is solid ITY Jersey ~ 95% Polyester 5% spandex, and Yoryu Chiffon with animal accent prints used in trim, belt, and sunburst pleated kick front.

Introducing The Dream Dress®

  • Amethyst with snakeskin accents.
  • Black with zebra accents.
  • Chocolate with leopard accents.

The Dream Dress® is suitably feminine, fashionable, and forgiving on every shape and size. Dress it up with jewelry and stilettos for a night on the town – dress it down with ballet flats while dressing for the office, less is more.

Appropriate dressing for any occasion, it is the “must have” dress that will take a woman wherever she needs to go in comfort, class and style.

The Dream Dress® is designed to be worn 12 different ways so when a woman travels on business or a weekend get-away – she will have multiple “looks” with one simple dress. Wear the sash in your hair to add six more fashionable looks.

The Dream Dress® is a “slip up the hip” dress that won’t fuss or muss up a woman’s hair and makeup while getting dressed – or undressed.

About The Dream Dress®

Lorelei Shellist, Fashion Designer

Lorelei Shellist brings new meaning to the definition of “super model.” At the age of 14, Lorelei became a teenage entrepreneur when her parents moved away and left her behind to fend for herself. Lorelei set out to follow her dreams and travel the world as a fashion model.

After pounding the pavements in LA and NYC, she became an International Runway Model/Muse for the Grand Masters of Style: Yves St. Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel, Armani, Geoffrey Beene, Bob Mackie, to name a few. As a runway model, Lorelei spent years working on collections from soup to nuts, while simultaneously living out of a suitcase following the runway collections.

Her free time was spent traveling “on the road” with her fiancé Steve Clark from Def Leppard, on the world-wide “Hysteria” tour. Lorelei designed the infamous guitarists’ stage wear and his entire rock star “look” for MTV and publicity photos. Ms. Shellist has an unparalleled eye for fashion, style, and the secrets and techniques for bringing forward the true beauty hidden in each woman.

While traveling extensively for her Runway RunAway: A Backstage Pass to Fashion Romance and Rock ’n Roll book tour, Lorelei was reminded of how challenging efficient packing and dressing for a woman on the go could be! Lorelei knows fashion from the inside out!

Conception for The Dream Dress®

It was in Cleveland just after a book signing and tour at the Rock Hall of Fame when the idea of designing a Runway Runaway Collection® for the “woman on the go” revealed itself. Lorelei downloaded from her mind’s eye what she considered the updated version of the Diane Von Furstenberg “wrap dress.” and sketched it there and then – on a cocktail napkin in Spinal Tap style. Voila! The Dream Dress® was born. The elegant and practical Runway Runaway Collection® followed suit.

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