L'Echo's Velvet Harem Pants

L'Echo's Velvet Harem Pants



L'Echo's Velvet Harem Pants. Leisure wear at its finest. Polyester fabric cut on the bias for a soft and feminine feel. The ties create a lovely bow at waist on the side or the back. Easy side zipper makes it simple to slide in and out of. A perfect alternate to sweat pants. Feel comfy, easy, soft and cuddly!

Pair with our Maroon Burgundy Wine Quilted Coat or Jacket for a total tonal and modern look. And our Pink Velvet Poly blouse with matching velvet ties.

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Colors: Black and Fuschia

100% Polyester Velvet finish

Made in India by our designers Didier & Sagar in their exclusive, sustainable, careful and friendly factory with Love.  

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