Face Mask Love RRC

      Lorelei Shellist & Iggy Pup Model Face mask Love RRC - Headband with button backCydney & Shiloh model Face Mask Love RRC Foulard/mask


                                         Relationships are everything...Just ask Iggy Pup & Princess Shilo!  That's why I have teamed up with my Product Development Strategist Cydney Mar                                                                                                                                                           who is the creator of Face Mask Love, and also someone I consider a very dear friend.


Face Mask Love Ambassador Zebra Print Foulard

As Production Development Strategist Cydney manages our manufacturing, fabric sourcing and quality control here at The Runway RunAway Collection -"RRC"

Mar goes through everything with a fine toothed comb to ensure that The Dream Dress is made correctly so it feels and looks fabulous. The Dream Dress has been made with special attention to details and loving care thanks to Cydney Mar.

When Covid-19 descended upon all of us in   the fashion business Cydney lost no time in creating fashionable face masks made with the same love and quality care that she puts into our Dream Dresses. In order to provide face masks to you that are aligned with the Runway RunAway Collection and Brand it made sense to team up with Cydney and share them with you so you can match your dresses with your mask, foulard and headbands! You will find our favorite Animal prints; Camouflage, Zebra, Leopard and many more.

 Face Mask Love is a place for non-medical Face Masks for your life, lifestyle in a

Face Mask Love Ambassador Leopard Print

world where we want to feel safe & respect others space with style.

Face Mask Love was born of a need and it is my desire to offer the world some 

fashionable alternatives in non-medical fabric face masks that will help you get on with life, feel a bit more yourself, and to make healthy lifestyle choices.

Join us in our Buy 1 Give 1 program where together, we give 1 mask for each 1 purchased.

Face Mask Love is all about healthy choices in  a world gone crazy.

Stay Safe and Wear and Share with Love!

Lorelei Shellist

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Face mask Love RRC Animal Prints & Camo
https://facemasklove.com/?ref=RRCFace Mask / Eye Mask Larry https://facemasklove.com/?ref=RRC   Camo Face Mask Larry https://facemasklove.com/?ref=RRC   Camo - https://facemasklove.com/?ref=RRC
Leopard FML RRC - https://facemasklove.com/?ref=RRCLeopard headband w buttons https://facemasklove.com/?ref=RRC.  close up leaopard headband w buttons https://facemasklove.com/?ref=RRC.  Face mask Love RRC Headband with Buttons to attach Face mask https://facemasklove.com/?ref=RRC
ANimal Zebra Face mask Love https://facemasklove.com/?ref=RRCZebra Foulard Face mask Love  https://facemasklove.com/?ref=RRC.  Zebra Print close up Face Mask Love https://facemasklove.com/?ref=RRC.  Face mask Love RRC Zebra Foulard as Hair Accessory https://facemasklove.com/?ref=RRC
.  .  
Face Mask Love RRC Snake Print Headband with Buttons to attach Mask https://facemasklove.com/?ref=RRC   Snake Print Headband Face mask Love RRC https://facemasklove.com/?ref=RRC
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