Fashion Makes a Comeback after a dreary year in sweat pants!

Lorelei Shellist

Posted on January 23 2021

Creating A Capsule Wardrobe Flotus & VP Harris wearing purple, color of women's suffrage movement and The Dream Dress by Lorelei Shellist

2021 has finally kicked in after the changing of the guard on Pennsylvania Avenue. The ladies at the fore led with style and grace, inspiring women to step into their power positions with femininity, confidence, pearls and grace. And the color of the week was PURPLE! 

The royal color Purple reigns supreme as it was also one of the official colors of the women's suffrage movement, symbolizing loyalty to the cause that gave women the right to vote.


This past week we saw our new 1st Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, wearing striking shades of the color purple on the eve before the inauguration at the COVID-19 memorial service at the Lincoln Memorial. The outstanding passionate purple attire included lavender leather gloves, pale lilac shoes, and was designed by La Jolla born Jonathan Cohen. 

We then witnessed Kamala Harris on Inauguration Day being sworn into office as our countries first female Vice President wearing a bold and beautiful amethyst dress, with matching winter coat, designed by two young American designers Christopher John Rogers from Baton Rouge and Sergio Hudson from South Carolina. 

I have always loved the color purple as it reminds me of the Iris flower and is the color of the crown chakra (seventh chakra): The universal, connection with spirituality and consciousness. It is the color of my alma mater, the University of Santa Monica School of Spiritual Psychology as well. It's for these reasons that amethyst was one of the first colors I produced of The Dream Dress.

Seeing these young, fairly unknown, designers get the opportunity to dress these prominent women at such an important time in history gives me hope. Being an unknown designer myself, this year has put me to the test in many ways. Yet I soldier on in a world where fashion has taken a backseat due the the challenges we have been facing because that is what I love, and what I know. I am inspired and grateful to see how a simple thing like a string of pearls, or the color purple, has the power to lift us up to a happier place and the world seems brighter after all.


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